Business Valuation

It is a complex and sophisticated process of determining the estimated value of a company or business. This process also known as valuation is time-consuming and complicated. It is usually conducted by professionals in the field, as you would not want your business to be inaccurately valued by an amateur. 

There are many reasons for a business valuation to be conducted, it can be due to sale or acquisition due diligence, share swap, internal restructuring, external investment, tax planning or even retirement planning, the list goes on. In all cases, it is prudent to seek independent and professional help, after-all it is your business and you would want the best people to look after it.

We do not offer property or jewellery valuation services.

Our Fees

Our fees are based on the turnover of the business, as follows:

Yes we are aware our pricing is the most competitive in Singapore. Our work is performed by highly skilled humans (not computers nor  valuation software). We specialise in business valuations only hence we have the ability to charge 3 to 5 times lesser than other accountants/service providers.

This Is How We Work – For You Too

Based on the complexity of each valuation case, our team formulates a fully tailored valuation solution based on consultation and strategic review, with a human touch.

When you engage our valuation service, you can be sure of the following:

  • We are the most experienced specialists and accountants in the field of business valuations in Singapore;

  • We will hear your goals and story first, to work hand in hand with you instead of completing just another valuation case;

  • We charge the most competitive fees in Singapore for a high quality of work similar or better to top tier consulting firms (we’ve done the research!);

  • We do not perform valuation using any type of valuation software or computer automation;

  • We are focused on handling cases in the SME sector, that the big four accounting firms do not focus on;

  • We take on cases that we know from the start we are able to accomplish;

  • If we take on your case, you will have us as a trusted business advisor during and after the valuation is complete.

Our Process

As you can tell that our fees are extremely reasonable, there are some limitations to the service we provide. Although we treat all new cases, including referrals, with the same high level of dedication and attention, not all of them are genuine or ready to commence the process. Thus we developed a process to facilitate the initial stage:

Step 1: Send your enquiry via email or contact us form

Step 2: We will contact you to discuss about your valuation needs

Step 3: Send us your financial statements and relevant information

Step 4: We conduct financial analysis and valuation work

Step 5: You Receive Business Valuation Report

The entire process will take around 2 to 3 weeks to complete. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 3 days if you decide not to proceed.

Payment options we offer include:


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