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Are you a business seeking for investment capital?


We can connect you to the right investors or venture capitalists.

Our mission is to help business owners find the investment funds they seek.



We have helped businesses in Singapore secure fundings up to SGD$1.2M.

What Do Investors Look for?

What Do Investors Look For?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked by business owners when they seek for investment funding – What do investors look for?


Generally speaking, every investor is different and they are human just like you and I. Some may base their investment decisions on numbers and charts, whilst others might factor in more ‘gut feeling’ when deciding to invest in a business. The investors we approach can be either retail or institutional.


There are however certain factors that a majority of investors will take into account when evaluating investment opportunities.


The Right Fit

Investors want to find the right fit of a business investment opportunity to their investment portfolio. On other hand, you would also want to find the right fit of investors for your business.

This middle ground is where we fit in, matching the right investors to your business.

Finding the Right Investors

You may not have the time, knowledge or resources to do so, but when seeking for investment funds, you would only approach investors who have the financial ability to fund the amount you are seeking to raise.

If you are trying to raise $500,000, it would not be worth your time to pitch to an investor who can only offer $25,000.

We work together with a network of local and international investors and investment management companies so we know the right people to approach.

More Than a Good Idea

Before any investor invest in your business or idea, they will want evidence that you have some strong competitive advantage that others cannot easily overcome.

Put together the key information of your business including past financial statements, future forecasts and marketing plan. In investment terms, a pitch desk is what is called that investors want to see.

Our Fees

Our fees are fixed and upfront, as follows:

Below $500,000.


SGD$3500 + 5% of investment raised


Above $500,001.

SGD$6000 + 4.5% of investment raised

All fees quoted are in Singapore dollar. We also accept payment in MYR, USD and AUD.

Our Process

As you can tell that our fees are extremely reasonable, we reserve the right not to undertake or represent businesses whose profile do not seek our mandate criteria.

Step 1: Send your enquiry via email or contact us form

Step 2: We will contact you to discuss further

Step 3: Sign agency representation agreement

Step 4: We will request documents and information from you

Step 5: Payment for work to commence

Step 6: You receive investment pitch deck and financial reports

Step 7: We source and approach investors on your behalf

Step 8: We arrange meeting between you and investors

Step 9: Make final payment of 4.5% or 5% upon initial funds deposited you’re your business bank account

The entire process can take around 30 to 180 days to complete. 


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